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The right example or diagram can go a long way toward helping a beginner grasp an abstract concept. Add examples, metaphors, similies, diagram, or approach to teaching concepts or terms here. 

= Classes and Methods =

== Verbing a noun. ==
<pre>> "word".upcase
 => "WORD" 
This follows the format "object.method". 
Method is a verb, and object is our direct object (the thing the method is acting on).
So in this case, we are saying "please take 'word' and make it uppercase"

== You can also use classes to retrieve characteristics of an object. ==
<pre>> 1.class
 => Fixnum </pre>
So in this case, we are saying "hey 1, what is your class?" 
To which it replies, "I'm a FixNum, of course!"

= MVC = 

This image was really, really helpful to me as I was learning it: