# Lesson 8 - Ending the Game When A Wall Is Hit

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  Games aren't much fun if you can't lose them! Let's make it so when you hit
  a wall. CHUNK comes with a function to detect collisions between things, so
  we'll use that.
  Add an `if` statement to the `advanceGame` function like so:
  var advanceGame = function() {
    snake = moveSnake(snake);
    if (CHUNK.detectCollisionBetween(snake, CHUNK.gameBoundaries())) {
      CHUNK.flashMessage("Whoops! you hit a wall!");
  Now, when there is a collision between the snake and the border we can have
  CHUNK end the game and let the player know the game is over.

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  ### Syntax Breakdown
  `CHUNK.detectCollisionBetween` takes two collections of coordinates and
  returns true if the collections share any pixels
  `CHUNK.endGame` tells chunk to stop calling the advanceGame function,
  effectively ending the game.
  `CHUNK.flashMessage` displays text to the user.

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