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Credits And Next Steps

Guess what? You're done!!! Congratulations, you just "finished" your first rails app!

(They're never really ever finished... have fun tweaking it!)

You get another sticker! :)

Extra Credit

If you got all the way through Suggestotron with some time to spare, here's some extra stuff you can try:

  • Add a downvote button that does the opposite of what the upvote button does
  • Create upvote and downvote methods in the Topic model and use those in the topics controller instead directly modifying the topics votes
  • Sort topics by their number of votes
  • Add an 'about' page, linked from the bottom of the Suggestotron topics list. Link back to the Topics list from the About page so users don't get stranded.
  • If your class has a lot of time left over:
    • Users should be allowed to vote only once: give votes a user_id and allow a user to have voted on each topic only once. But wait, what is a 'user' in our system? Get a volunteer to introduce everyone to Devise, a simple way to add authentication to a Rails application.
    • Users should be able to give a post a 'negative' vote instead of a positive one. How might you represent that in this system?


What next?